Financials 101

Michelle Somma

Michelle Somma is the CFO of Renhead, Inc., a software company based in Las Vegas, NV. She is often described as a “not a typical Financial Executive” – partly because of her wide range of expertise within finance and HR and partly because of her experience in a wide variety of environments such as: tech startups, large corporations, underground economy, and corporate fraud investigations. During her time at GE, she was key team member during the sale and subsequent integration of GE Capital’s Fleet division– a $6.9 billion M&A transaction incorporating complex equity and debt instruments. She most enjoys working with small, venture-backed technology startups and over the years, she has helped startups raise more than $150 million with several successful exits. If asked, Michelle is glad to share why she believes accounting may seem boring but is elegant and tells an important story.

Michelle lives in Las Vegas, NV and in her spare time enjoys traveling and volunteering with various organizations within the educational field.

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